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What your wok, wetness and rust have to do with each other

Your wok is made of untreated, pure steel. It has no chemical or other coating to realize the best possible authentic cooking behavior. For this reason, it is up to you to protect it from moisture and humidity.

The fact that steel rusts when exposed to moisture is a 100% natural reaction. 

Your wok and moisture

So whenever your wok comes into contact with liquids, you need to save it from this as soon as possible by drying it completely and then rubbing it with a light layer of oil to prevent rust. 

This also includes the natural moisture from leftover food.

So please don't use your wok to store leftovers after meals either!

The ideal protection for your wok

After you've saved your wok from moisture, it's important to continue protecting it.

From our cleaning tips and the paragraph before, you already know that the wok can be additionally protected with a light layer of oil. 

Simply use a paper kitchen towel and rub the wok inside and out with a small amount of oil. 

How to store your wok properly

Make sure you store your wok in a safe, dry place. Also, avoid storing your wok with other metallic items to prevent the transfer of flash rust. 

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