Wok spatula FAQs

All questions and answers about our pasoli wok spatula at a glance!

Our pasoli spatula is made of European cherry wood, as the beautiful red-brown color clearly shows. 

Incidentally, the color of our pasoli wok spatulas can differ from piece to piece, after all, every tree is unique and therefore the pattern and color of its wood. 

Our pasoli spatula is made from local cherry wood, which is guaranteed to come from Germany or the rest of Europe. 
We deliberately refrain from using imported wood, above all in order not to offer any illegal tropical wood and thus to protect the lungs of our planet, the rainforests. 

Our producer guarantees that he has had intensive business relationships with most family businesses for over 30 years and has visited many of you on site to get an idea of ​​the production facilities, working conditions and the quality of the goods. 

Our pasoli spatula is oiled.
This means that the cherry wood has also been treated with oil. 

This gives the wood an additional protection and also stimulates the wood's own color pigments of the cherry wood. 
Tip: We recommend re-oiling the spatula from time to time. This is how you can easily extend the life of the wok turner with little effort!

According to various studies, wood is significantly more hygienic, especially compared to plastic. 

Above all, the fact that wood has a strong hygroscopic effect, i.e. it binds moisture from the environment, ensures that bacteria cannot survive on wood. 

Nevertheless, we recommend cleaning the spatula regularly and not relying solely on the antibacterial properties of cherry wood. 

We recommend cleaning our pasoli wok spatula made of European cherry wood exclusively by hand and then drying the surface immediately!
Long contact with the hot water in the dishwasher is very hard on the wood itself. It can cause the wood to swell, change its beautiful appearance or, in the worst case, even splinter. 
We also recommend re-oiling our pasoli spatula from time to time in order to maintain the protection of the oil layer. As a guide, you can use it once a month. We recommend a tasteless vegetable oil such as sunflower oil.

We clearly recommend cleaning our pasoli wok spatula by hand! 
See also the point "How can I best care for the spatula"

Ideally, the spatula should be washed by hand immediately after use. 
There are no special features here, just use some warm water and washing-up liquid and then dry the wok on the surface and set it aside to dry completely in the air.
We clearly recommend not cleaning our pasoli wok spatula in the dishwasher!
See also the point "Is the spatula dishwasher-safe?".  

Our pasoli spatula is made from 100% fine cherry wood.
It should not be possible to scratch the natural patina or even the steel of our woks. 

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