What do I have to consider when cleaning my wok? - pasoli

What do I have to consider when cleaning my wok?

Your wok is not just any machine-made mass product, but a traditional, hand-hammered cooking instrument. 
This is exactly how your wok wants to be treated when it comes to cleaning. 
Fortunately, this is not as time-consuming as it might sound. 
We have summarized the three important steps below so that you can enjoy your wok for a long time:
  1. To your wok directly To clean after use, just rinse it off with hot water (KEIN Use detergent!). If the inside doesn't get completely clean, sprinkle some salt into it and rub it with a paper towel until your wok is clean.
  2. IMPORTANT: After you've rinsed your wok, rub it out well with a dry cloth! Alternatively, reheat your wok on the stove to allow it to dry completely so that it doesn't rust.
  3. Before you tidy up your wok, use a paper towel to apply a thin layer of oil to the inside of your wok to protect it.

Please follow these cleaning instructions so that you can enjoy your pasoli wok for a long time!