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      Our flat branded pasoli wok - pasoli
      Our flat pre-seasoned pasoli wok
      From €62,99
      Our flat original pasoli wok - pasoli
      Our flat original pasoli wok
      From €52,99
      Our round branded pasoli wok - pasoli
      Our round pre-seasoned pasoli wok
      From €52,99
      Our spatula - pasoli
      Our spatula made of oiled cherry wood, 37cm
      Our damask santoku knife (large) - pasoli
      Our damask santoku knife
      From €59,99
      Our damask chef's knife - pasoli
      Our damask chef's knife
      Our damask paring knife - pasoli
      Our damask paring knife
      Our santoku knife - pasoli
      Our santoku knife
      From €26,99
      Our damask bread knife - pasoli
      Our damask bread knife
      Our paring knife - pasoli
      Our paring knife
      Our cutting board made of sturdy oak wood, 30x20x2cm - pasoli
      Our cutting board made of robust oak wood, 30x20x2cm
      Our chief knife - pasoli
      Our chief knife
      Our bread knife - pasoli
      Our bread knife
      Our sustainable pasoli cooking apron - pasoli
      Our sustainable cooking apron

      Other Information

      You not only like to eat, you also like to cook and a lot. And do you always try something new? Great, then our carbon steel wok will inspire you. Because it can be used to prepare almost everything that you would otherwise have cooked in conventional pots. In other words: wok pans are not only there for the preparation of Chinese food, in them you can also prepare many other dishes quickly and without complications. Get yourself a carbon steel wok and see for yourself what options are available to you. It is quite possible that your conventional pots will soon be obsolete. By the way: If, in addition to the name wok made of carbon steel, you also come across the spelling wok made of carbon steel, ie spelled with "C", it is exactly the same. 

      If you want to buy a wok, you will come across different materials. A wok is traditionally made of cast iron, but can also be made of aluminum, stainless steel or carbon steel. Before we get into that, let's clarify what carbon steel actually is. Carbon steel has a second name and it is also known as carbon steel. This steel consists mainly of iron and has carbon as a minor component. This steel is hardenable and can be forged, which is why it is often hammered by hand in addition to machine production. As with our wok pans, because they are all hand-hammered.  

      Incidentally, a carbon steel wok is the most common wok kart in Chinese restaurants. So you can cook like the pros with your own wok. A wok from pasoli offers you numerous advantages:  The weight is many times less than a wok made of cast iron, making it easier and easier to use.  Thanks to the wooden handle, the wok can be swiveled easily.  Since you can buy a branded wok from us, you have a natural non-stick coating.  In contrast to coated pans, for example, the coating in the wok cannot be scratched off, which means that the cooking appliance is extremely robust and has a long service life.  The heat can be regulated very well in a wok with carbon steel. This enables you to do what is known as “stir frying”, a well-known Cantonese style of cooking.  In contrast to other wok pans, our woks are cheap to buy.  Are you always looking for a wok for induction? Great, you've found it! In contrast to the advantages, we could simply ignore the disadvantages, but still want to mention them for fairness:  Carbon steel can rust. Therefore, it should always be dried well.  In contrast to a cast iron wok, carbon steel is not quite as stable and can deform at one point or another. Especially when it falls down or catches you somewhere. But this can be avoided by paying appropriate attention. Incidentally, a wok with a dent may no longer be as nice, but it is definitely still functional. You see: two disadvantages compared to seven advantages - do we need to say more?  

      You can use our wok made of carbon steel in a variety of ways in the kitchen. So you can not only stew meat with it, but also smoke it. You can cook soup, you can deep-fry spring rolls, you can steam fish and vegetables. You can also blanch and roast with the wok - and much more. You can see that it is worth buying a wok. This one kitchen appliance replaces numerous other things like pots and pans.
       You might be wondering why our pasoli wok has a flat bottom. Well, this makes it versatile. You can use it on a gas or electric stove as well as over an open fire. And of course the wok can also be used for induction.  

      It doesn't take much to maintain a wok and keep it ready for use. After use, it is not cleaned in the dishwasher and also not cleaned with detergents. It is usually sufficient to wipe the wok with a damp cloth. Often you can read that you can create a natural patina with a layer of oil to prevent rust and achieve a non-stick effect. Well, we already have the non-stick effect because you can buy our branded wok. To protect it from rust, you can actually rub it with a thin layer of oil after use and put it in the cupboard. It will certainly not hurt. We will send you further cleaning instructions with your wok delivery.  

      One tool, many options - with a carbon steel wok you have a cooking device that you no longer want to be without. Inexpensive to buy, durable and robust, numerous advantages in one and a versatility that you otherwise only achieve with several kitchen appliances. The handling is very easy thanks to the low weight and the wood style. Our pasoli woks are suitable for preparing dishes for up to four people. Have you always toyed with the idea of ​​buying a wok, but it hasn't really convinced you yet? It's good that you found us. Choose your favorite from our woks or order several woks if you are one of those who like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. If you have any questions, please contact us, we will be happy to help you. Otherwise, you can buy your wok pans right here on our site and have them in your hands in just a few days. And then you can finally start cooking with the new kitchen appliances. We wish you lots of fun!