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Why your pre-baked wok won't stay black forever

Your wok
As you know, your hand-hammered wok is made of pure carbon steel - nothing else. Carbon steel is naturally gray.

That's why the pre-seasoned wok is black
The wok owes its black color at the beginning to the seasoning process. During this time, he was completely exposed to a temperature of several hundred degrees Celsius. However, this is a temporary condition.

Why the color of steel changes
By the way: other colors are also possible, because carbon steel changes its color depending on the number of degrees of temperature. So your wok can also turn purple or blue, for example. This process is called tarnishing or tempering color. 
The "normal" color is gray, as already mentioned at the beginning.

What that means for your wok
So as soon as you use your wok for cooking regularly, it will slowly but surely take on its original silver color. This is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. Nothing is peeling off here, nor is anything broken or lost - what should I do? The natural protective patina has no direct color. Always remember, your hand-hammered wok is made of pure steel, nothing else.

In fact, the opposite is the case: the initial stoving only creates the basic layer of the patina. The more you use your wok, the better your natural non-stick coating will be!

So as long as you continue to follow our cleaning instructions , you will enjoy your wok for a long time!

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